When travelling to Indonesia, most of the travellers think right away Bali and Java. It is relatively unknown for travellers from all over the world about this unique yet beautiful island.

Sulawesi is the third largest island in Indonesia, hosts mountainous areas, beautiful rice terraces, authentic lifestyles and strong cultures, not forget to mention its magnificent underwater life also white sand beaches. It covers an area of 174, 600 kilometers square and consist over 17 millions inhabitant.

While you travel throughout Sulawesi, you will see still some heritages from Dutch colonializations, ancient cultures that remain practiced as well thousands of flora and fauna.

This is a dream island for those who are nature and culture lovers.

Following are our main destinations which we find must – to go. Please have a look and be inspired. It might would be your next trip!


Sago Tours is a specialized travel company for Sulawesi and other areas in Eastern Indonesia. Every travellers wish a journey that is different, everything is possible by us.


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